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Nomadic Joins OH Holdings with a Focus on Future

Nomadic is Selling
I’m excited to announce that Nomadic is joining the OH Holdings family of agencies, including OH Predictive Insights, Matter Films, and OH Partners, one of the fastest growing integrated agencies in America. That’s right, we’re selling—but we’re not selling out. We’re still Nomadic. This is a strategic sale that gives us access to a number of resources required to stay ahead of changing market needs. And it gives OH Holdings a specialized agency brand they can use to pursue and convert additional digital-first opportunities. A win-win for both, if you will. While it may seem sudden, it’s actually the result of a conversation that began two years ago.

Why We’re Selling
We’ve built Nomadic into an exceptional digital-first creative practice. At the risk of bragging, we are awesome at what we do. We have an expertise in creating campaigns and content for social, search, and streaming channels that few other agencies do. And our growing roster of digital-first clients is a testament to it. But in order to meet the demands of tomorrow’s marketing environment, we will need to become something more than a creative boutique. Why? Because the future demands of this business will be for outcomes, not just assets.

What OH Holdings Brings to Nomadic
In order to stay ahead of the curve, we will need to add expertise in PR, channel management, digital media, analytics, and in-house production. Joining forces with OH Holdings gives Nomadic immediate access to talent in all of these areas, empowering us to stay ahead of our clients’ needs. Simply put, we’re selling because it will help us become better, which is an unwavering goal of Nomadic, and every Nomad.

We’re Still Nomadic
For the sake of clarity, this is not a merger. It’s an ownership change. Nomadic will still go to market as Nomadic. Nomadic will continue to be a place for digital-first talent to serve digital-first brands. Nomadic will still serve its current clients. Nomadic will maintain the modern working culture that has facilitated its successes. The agency will remain a place where Nomads are given the trust, freedom, and flexibility they need to do their best work. We’ll still rock Nomadic merch. I trust I used our name enough to make my point. The only changes we anticipate are positive ones, like business development support, operational leverage, and more talented people to work with and learn from.

Why I’m Excited
This news might come as a surprise to many of you, if for no other reason than because I chose to sell my stake in a brand that I founded and love. But the truth is, I didn’t get into this business to own one. I got into it because I wanted to use creativity to help clients build their businesses. Somewhere along the way, I became just as passionate about helping my fellow Nomads build their careers. Selling to OH Holdings will allow me to do both better.

A Few Important Thank Yous
I’d like to thank Scott Harkey and Matt Owens for believing in our vision enough to make it a part of theirs. I have no doubt we will succeed together. I’d also like to thank my former partners, Tim Welch and Ken Barnett, for supporting our move forward. Finally, I’d like to thank every Nomad for putting your faith in me, the agency, and the promise of this new partnership.