Social in Short

Social in Short: March 2022

Warmer weather, longer days and Instagram updates aplenty get our take below on the latest happenings in the social sphere.

Keeping up with Instagram

It’s been a busy few weeks for Meta’s photo (and video) sharing app. The social media darling has returned to a chronological view (if you’re willing to click a few buttons, that is) and updated the look of Poll stickers in Stories, one of our favorite engagement tools.

But it’s not just visual updates that are making us review our strategies. Other news of note:  The ability to tag creators within posts is a wonderful way to give credit where credit is due (you know, to the photographers, stylists, editors, etc.), and now that Instagram allows anyone in the US to tag products, we’re looking at how important it is to have an Instagram shop in addition to a link in bio. 

What it means for brands: At the end of the day, Instagram is still one the best tools to reach new audiences, drive engagement and provide a path to purchase. Plus, we could watch (and create!) Reels all day. Utilizing these new tools will only help continue to drive these key metrics. 

LinkedIn wants to repurpose your company newsletter

No one wants another email, so the ability to share your newsletter with a push notification to your LinkedIn followers seems like a dream. We don’t expect to see it replace email newsletters, but it does provide an opportunity to increase open and clickthrough rates while driving in-platform engagement.

What it means for brands: Think of this as an accent wall in your overall marketing design, not an entire remodel. We’ll test it out with this very newsletter and let you know what we find!

Brands doing TikTok right

Let’s talk about brand accounts on TikTok. We’re the first to admit we joined TikTok for the dances, but it’s grown more sophisticated since the early days. Duolingo posted over 40 videos before taking off. Food52 does a great job of setting clear boundaries between what is posted on Instagram Reels and what is shared on TikTok. Even The Washington Post has found a way to highlight their news articles in a TikTok friendly manner. 

What it means for brands: Creating branded content for TikTok takes time. If TikTok continues to be top of mind for your organization, make sure you have the resources available to do it right, and avoid duplicating your efforts from another channel. 

Other updates of note

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