Inside Nomadic

Introducing Nomadic’s New General Manager

Customer experience has become a priority in almost every marketing organization. Connected tech stacks are being organized around the customer experience. Marketers are investing more in engaging and delighting existing customers, rather than focusing on attracting new ones. Customer service departments have been folded into marketing. CMOs are even being replaced by Customer Experience Officers.

At Nomadic, customer experience is as important to us as it is to our clients. It’s at the core of our culture, and we believe it’s what makes us great. There are thousands of other agencies our clients could go to for creative, but what sets us apart is our relentless effort to give them an outstanding experience. It’s in every interaction we have, from the way we collaborate on strategy and present our ideas to the way we conduct our phone calls and the reminder emails we send. It’s how we join forces with our clients and their other agencies. And ultimately, it’s about achieving an outcome together.

That’s why we felt it was important to name a General Manager to make sure we’re delivering an exceptional experience to our clients. And that starts with developing a great experience for our internal teams and vendors. When we promote positive interactions within our agency, that influences how we treat others in turn. And if we want to be successful at this, we have to give a single person the authority and accountability to make it so.

There’s no better person than Dawn Bates for the role. As our new General Manager, Dawn works across all departments to support every Nomad and make sure they’re having a good experience. She has a solid track record for this. Prior to her promotion, Dawn was our head of Strategy for eight years. She participated in programs for Disney Parks & Destination brands, Disney Rewards, Danone, HOYA, Ubisoft and Remington. And before joining Nomadic, Dawn spent 12 years in integrated marketing at Kimberly-Clark, managing large-scale programs and the agencies associated with them.

While Dawn may spend most of her time backstage, we wanted to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on her and how important she is in achieving the kind of experience that makes us all successful.