Street Fighter’s influence continues to reach far beyond any video game screen, from hip-hop to high fashion, MMA to anime. So we used the game’s iconic characters, music, and history to encourage players to show up and fight, whatever that looks like for them. And we cast a hip-hop legend and franchise fan as our brand champion.


Launch Video Series

Hip-hop legend Lil Wayne, a true fan of the franchise, invited players to test their skills, express themselves and have some fun in the multifaceted world of Street Fighter.

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Promoted Content

Ready, Fight!

We hit potential fighters on their social feeds with a series of engaging, fast-paced action montages reflective of the brand’s levity and spirit.

Brand Activation

Digital Showcase

We produced a Digital Showcase hosted by Lil Wayne to excite fans and future players with an inside look at the game.

Twitch Activation

Streamer Packs

We created branded frames, buttons and custom screens to give creators and the brand itself cohesive, visual containers for their livestreams.

Paid Media

Display Ads

We leveraged some of Street Fighter’s instantly-recognizable characters to catch the attention of gamers.