Social in Short

Social in Short: September 2021

Each month, our team of social experts dig through the trenches of the internet to find the biggest, best and most important news coming out of the social platforms we and our clients use daily.

LinkedIn adds Publishing for Pages

LinkedIn users will now have the ability to publish long-form articles directly to their brand page. Though this feature was previously only available to individuals, LinkedIn has opened the on-platform article hub as a way to drive conversation within the site.

What it means for brands: Company blogs can be a challenge for marketers as platforms continue to focus on in-app engagement, lowering the reach of posts with external links. With LinkedIn articles, you can build thought leadership and humanize your brand while driving important social metrics like followers and engagement. 

Instagram adds ‘Montage’ feature to drive Reels usage

Instagram is testing out a new ‘Montage’ feature, allowing users to turn their Instagram Stories into Reels video clips. The tool pulls selected Instagram stories into a video, recommending music to accompany the newly compiled Reel. 

What it means for brands: As Instagram continues to stray away from being a photo-sharing service, brands and creators are looking for new ways to create video for the platform. Being able to pull top-performing stories into another format can help drive engagement and visibility. 

TikTok reaches 1B users

As short-form video content and live streaming apps continue to grow in popularity, TikTok, the top downloaded social media app of 2020 and 2021, has reached 1B active monthly users. Not only is this number impressive—it’s backed by another major stat: Users in the US spend more than 24 hours on the appeach month, topping YouTube’s 22:40. 

What it means for brands: TikTok is not going away anytime soon, folks. While TikTok has struggled to perfect their monetization tools, the continued audience growth indicates that brands should not only have a presence, but should also utilize social listening to capitalize on existing brand capital within the app. 

Facebook adds additional options for organic post testing

Facebook has redesigned its organic testing options through Creator Studio, allowing brands to compare all elements of the post creative—text, image, video, titles, thumbnails and more—for up to 24 hours.

What it means for brands: While A/B testing has always been an important test for media, organic content has had fewer testing options compared to ads. With the ability to test thumbnails, video titles and more, brands can have better insight on which organic posts perform best, helping to combat the ever-declining reach of organic content.

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