Social in Short

Social in Short: July 2022

Instagram continues to go all-in on Reels, while Pinterest and LinkedIn are launching new tools to help businesses grow.

Instagram converts video to Reels

We all felt this one coming, right? Instagram officially announced that videos shorter than 15 minutes will be shared as Reels. The change affects nearly all videos posted on the platform by moving them into the 9:16 full screen format Instagram is pushing toward, as well as showing them within the Reels feed. This also means that public profiles sharing video content will be subject to users remixing their Reels and utilizing their audio. 

What it means for brands: Gone are the days of sharing your 16:9 video on Instagram. Create content for the vertical, full-screen experience to increase view-through rates and engagement metrics. Since over 20% of time on Instagram is spent watching Reels, it’s an investment worth making. 

Instagram adds new ‘Boost’ option for Reels 

Instagram enables brands to amplify their Reels via a new ‘Boost’ promotion option built into the format. It could be a way to create the appearance of going “viral,” but there are some provisions you need to know before putting paid spend behind your Reels.

What it means for brands: Boosted Reels will be eligible to appear in feed, Stories, Reels tab and the Explore page to help new customers find your brand. The ultimate success of your short video clips will be determined by the actual content and how well you understand what your target market wants to see and engage with from your brand.

Instagram’s new Creator Marketplace connects brands to creators

Instagram’s Creator Marketplace is here to bring brands and content creators closer together. The tool allows brands to discover, connect and collaborate with creators who are interested in their brand or product. 

What it means for brands: One of the hardest parts of activating influencers is finding the right creators for your brand. This tool removes that barrier and allows brands to pay creators directly through Instagram. With 93% of users trusting content created by consumers over content created by brands, this tool will come in handy to build trust by having the right person represent what you have to offer.. 

Instagram adds new business search tools within IG maps

Instagram launched a new map search feature, which provides another way to discover local businesses within the app. Now, you can explore more location-based content including Stories and posts tagged by users.

What it means for brands: This gives brands more reasons to ensure that their business information is up to date in the app and encourage visitors to tag them in posts and stories. After all, 58% of Instagram users indicate that they find themselves more interested in a brand after seeing it in a Story.

Twitter invites collaboration through CoTweets

In today’s episode of wash, rinse, repeat, Twitter introduces CoTweets, a feature allowing two users to author a Tweet. Users can invite someone to CoTweet, and once accepted, the post will appear on both timelines.

What it means for brands: If you think you’re having deja vu, it’s because Instagram launched ‘Collabs’ last Fall. However, CoTweet is a great way to expand reach when working with a partner, influencer or brand. 

Pinterest launches new shopping tools

Pinterest is doubling down on shopping, adding tools to enhance user experience and allow merchants to better showcase their product catalog. 

The biggest changes to note: 

  • Pinterest API for Shopping: Allows for accuracy and data tracking for product catalogs 
  • Product tagging on Pins: Increases shoppability on lifestyle Pins
  • Shop tab on Business profiles: Displays shoppable products to Pinners within the Business profile, focusing on high-intent purchasers

What it means for brands: Don’t overlook Pinterest for your marketing strategy. 83% of Pinners have made a purchase on the platform already! Tools like the Shop tab and product tagging make it easier for users to move down the funnel and ultimately make a purchase.

LinkedIn launches Business Manager

LinkedIn’s Business Manager platform allows users to manage multiple pages and ad accounts all in one dashboard, similar to Facebook Business Manager. Key features include the ability to link all ad accounts, Pages and Matched Audiences (which can then be used across ad accounts), as well as manage user access to pages and accounts. 

What it means for brands: TBH, we’re surprised it’s taken this long for LinkedIn to develop a Business Manager. It’s a one-stop-shop for managing your LinkedIn presence, which can only make everyone’s jobs a bit easier. We’re excited to see what new features continue to be added, including updated invoice tracking and the ability to sync CRM data.

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