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Social in Short: April 2020

Each month, our team of social experts dig through the trenches of the internet to find the biggest, best and most important news coming out of the social platforms we and our clients use daily.

TikTok adds family controls

TikTok has announced parental controls to manage minors’ time on the app, along with the content they can see.

Our take: This could be a step in the right direction for brands who have historically been hesitant to utilize the platform. Branded challenges have been a successful way to reach younger audiences, and with increased safety measures, more brands may be willing to test the waters. As with most channels, we recommend starting out with an organic presence before diving into campaigns, though we’re continuing to keep our eye on TikTok for branded opportunities.

Instagram tests moving Live videos to IGTV

A button is being tested to easily upload live content to IGTV, allowing creators to show their videos for longer than 24 hours. Instagram has been making updates to IGTV to draw more viewers, including featuring top creators, reviving the Discover page, and including a 15-second video preview in Instagram Stories.

Our take: Unlike live content on Facebook, live content on Instagram is set up to disappear in 24 hours, similar to stories. By making it easy to feature the video on IGTV, content can have a longer shelf life. Once launched, we expect to see brands putting more effort into their Instagram Live videos, and even choosing it in lieu of Facebook. For IGTV, it’s a win-win, bringing more users into the platform to watch content, such as Soul Pancake’s ‘Hey There, Human.’

YouTube adds ability for advertisers to block content

Working with partners like Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify and VuePlanner, advertisers can now blacklist videos based on keyword or contextual targeting.

Our take: With tools like this, it’s easier to block more content than less. Some videos or channels may be safe for an advertiser’s audience, but due to broad targeting, are considered unsuitable. Either way, YouTube has come along way in providing advertisers the tools needed to ensure brand safety.

Facebook adds new video features

With an increased number of viewers, Facebook has launched four new video updates: playlists, series, a new video tab and bulk uploader. Facebook clarifies playlists as related videos, while series should be used for a collection of videos, typically in an episodic format.

Our take: With nearly 140M daily users, Facebook Watch has become a key player for content creators. It may not have the user base of YouTube, but by utilizing your Facebook community to drive video views, it shouldn’t be overlooked. The new tools, while not life-changing, can make it easier to move content from other platforms into Facebook.

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