Brand Campaign


Get New Players to Join a 3-Year-Old Game

Rainbow Six: Siege was heading into year three. With continued additions of new maps and operators, it was still a successful title. But it can be a difficult game to play and so it was hard to convince new players to join. To drive new player acquisition, we had to differentiate R6 from other first person shooters as well as remind lapsed players about the reasons they love to play.

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The Challenge is What Makes it Fun

Rainbow Six is the type of game that appeals to a more seasoned gamer – a gamer that likes a challenge. So we decided that instead of shying away from the challenge of the game we would showcase how much fun the challenge could be. To do this, we would demonstrate how the community plays the game and invite new players to try something more advanced.

The Idea

FPS Has a New Set of Rules – Siege Rules

We created the Six Rules of Siege, grounded in the core tenets of the game. Using these six rules we were able to clearly differentiate the game from the competition while challenging people to enter the Siege for themselves. In a series of social videos, we used real players to demonstrate the rules. In a digital trailer, we showed how each rule comes to life in the game. And everything leads back to a page on the Rainbow Six website where fans can dive into the rules even more.

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