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Your Blueprint for Navigating Channel Overload

Whether your flavor of internet binge involves cats, celebrity chefs schooling regular people or The Shiggy, you’re likely among most users who spend 75% of their time inside the internet video rabbit hole. It should come as no surprise, then, that video and its new formats are top priorities for leading platforms.

Instagram recently launched its newest foray, IGTV, to host longer form videos in a mobile, vertical format that is easily discoverable in the platform over a billion users love. But brand new additions to the format pool don’t make it easy for brands to just dive in with existing content, because the way users engage differs depending on platform and functionality.

Optimizing an Impactful Connection with Consumers is Tricky

Figuring out how to engage with your target at the right time, in the right place, under the right context, and with the right creative can be overwhelming and increasingly hard to measure—which often leads to spending more than needed on assets and media that don’t convert. Why?

Because the planning system is broken. Planning for the new world of fragmented platforms and channels in an integrated and efficient manner requires a blueprint. That’s why we created the Connection Planner.

What is the Connection Planner?

It’s a simple, visual blueprint that maps every touchpoint of an initiative across the Consumer Journey by audience, channel, and media vehicle. It visualizes consumer paths across cross functional plans, which optimizes budgets by expediting execution and eliminating duplicative asset creation.


It’s easy to get lost without a map to follow and that is exactly why we’ve created the Connection Planner tool as a key phase in our process.

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