The Last Voices of WWII

From soldiers and prisoners to civilians and children, this issue featured powerful first-hand stories from survivors on all sides of WWII 75 years after the fighting stopped. We created this series to show that although these subjects had very different roles in the battle, there’s one commonality this all share today.

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Rosie the Riveter

The issue featured a unique and timely look at “Rosie the Riveter” using personal advice for today from real women who inspired the cultural icon. We promoted the article by profiling some of the Rosies, the heroic sacrifices they made, and the lessons they learned that apply to today’s challenges.

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Beyond the Portraits

The issue featured intimate portraits and in-depth personal stories of the survivors’ triumphs and tragedies. We showcased these stories by juxtaposing some of the subjects’ more relatable traits against their intriguing or unexpected experiences during the war.

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