Holiday Inn Club Vacations Logo


Assets Created


Target Markets


Week Turnaround

Phase One

Rebuilding Confidence

To show Holiday Inn Club Vacations guests the safe and clean environment awaiting them, we created a series of social and email assets featuring families making special memories while observing physical distancing and health measures.

Social Series

Phase Two

Driving Reservations

With audiences primed from Phase One and interested in planning an upcoming vacation, we targeted them with social and display ads highlighting special offers at nearby resorts. The extra savings was the key to converting them to book a trip.

Targeted Content

We knew that families would be most likely to take a roadtrip to a local destination, rather than venturing further by plane. So we used geotargeting to entice people to visit resorts within a few hours of their home, showcasing discounts and offers to help them enjoy an easy escape.

Targeted Display Banners

We also created over 1,000 display banners for 29 target markets in a variety of formats and versions, aimed at driving reservations among existing Holiday Inn Club Vacation package holders, as well as renters and prospects.

Evergreen Assets

Modular Email Template

Holiday Inn Club Vacations needed to share ongoing updates to introduce the Safe Travels program, reassure families with the latest health procedures, and inform them of new offers. We created a flexible template that allowed them to design emails quickly and efficiently while maintaining brand standards and using different layouts to make each message unique.