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Break Up Your Routine

Life often gets in the way of taking a vacation. Work, school and the daily grind can make people feel stuck in their routines. Using this insight, we created ads that urge Holiday Inn Club Vacations members to “break up their routine” and enjoy the time away they deserve.

Time Together

One of the key values among Holiday Inn Club Vacations members is spending quality time with their families. With this in mind, we created a video series reminding members of all the sweet moments they can share while staying at their resorts.

Driveable Destinations

An amazing vacation is closer than members may think. We built a series of carousel ads targeted to specific locations—Chicago, New York and Florida—highlighting resort options within driving distance, showing how family fun is just a road trip away.

Resort Spotlight

To show even more possibilities, we made cinemagraphs spotlighting individual resorts and the variety of outdoor and family activities available there.

Find Your Getaway

While Holiday Inn Club Vacations members may spend time at their “home” resorts, we wanted to inspire them to explore new destinations. We created a video from the perspective of the member, cycling through places they can go, from a sunny golf course to a snowy mountaintop to a sandy beach and beyond.